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Why Cablenet?

  • Custom design, manufacture, installation and certification
  • Complete flexibility in terms of shape, size and load
  • Used in schools, theatres, exhibition halls and arenas worldwide
  • LongWire or Modular options to suit your project and budget
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Why choose a Cablenet tension wire grid?

Tension wire grid systems have been delivering safe and easy access to overhead lighting and rigging equipment for decades. What makes the Slingco's Cablenet special is the flexibility to meet all shape, size and load requirements, backed up by unsurpassed levels of service and technical expertise.


New build or listed; large or small; school, college, theatre, exhibition hall or arena, we can deliver the system that’s right for you, whatever the size, shape or load capacity ...that's the benefit of Cablenet..


From design and manufacture to installation and ongoing safety inspection and certification, here at Slingco we offer a seamless end-to-end service , including liaison with third party architects and design teams.


We've designed and installed grids across four continents over four decades, offering unrivalled support and a 12 year warranty as standard. Put your trust in Slingco's expertise and experience.


Cost is a key factor in every project and there’s always a balance to be made. That’s why we offer a choice of tension wire grid systems: our 100% custom LongWire system and our ultra-versatile Modular system.


Specifying a tension wire grid is a detailed process, but we aim to streamline initial estimating with our quick 'ready-reckoner' online estimator, giving you a ballpark cost based on a few quick questions.

LongWire or Modular. Which should I choose?

Cablenet Tension Wire Grid installation Glasgow Johnstone Town Hall

LongWire Tension Wire Grid

100% custom. Less steel. Fewer blackspots. More eco-friendly.

The Cablenet LongWire grid system from Slingco fits your structure, space and requirements precisely. Our engineers design a system that meets all your specifications to deliver the maximum benefit of a wire grid system.

  • No compromise - complete design flexibility
  • Suitable for any size and shape, even curved walls, historic features and other structural anomalies
  • Minimise cross beams to allow more freedom in lighting placement
  • Customised pitch options to meet your loading and usage requirements
  • More open feel / aesthetic
  • Wall to wall solution with less weight than modular systems
User standing on Slingco's Cablenet Tension Wire Grid
Cablenet Tension Wire Grid installation in Capel Soar, Wales

Modular Tension Wire Grid

The benefits of custom. The cost-efficiency of modular.

For large multi-purpose venues with high rigging rather than lighting usage, the Slingco Cablenet Modular grid solution may be your best solution. Add a large ‘virtual floor’ to your venue to provide added safety for your crews and experience greater rigging flexibility.

  • Solutions from small compact platforms to ‘virtual floors’ covering large expanses
  • Modular system delivers design freedom at an affordable cost
  • Overall system designed, manufactured and installed for your venue
  • Permanent high level access
  • Virtually invisible from below
  • Load capacity designed to meet your requirements

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Whatever your role in the project, trust Slingco to support you

We have designed, manufactured and installed Cablenet Tension Wire Grid systems all over the world and have more than four decades’ experience in delivering projects on time and on budget. Whatever your responsibility – architect, specifier, consultant or venue management – here at Slingco we’re uniquely positioned to support you throughout your project.


Tension wire grid

We know our business inside out and, just as importantly, we understand the needs of designers, specifiers, architects, engineers, consultants and contractors.

  • Initial costings, calculations and modelling
  • Design, manufacture and installation
  • Unparalleled technical expertise and experience
  • Turnkey projects or support for your teams
  • Certification, inspections and maintenance

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Tension wire grid

Whatever your role at the venue, it’s unlikely that your expertise extends to a detailed knowledge of tension wire grid systems. So that’s where we come in.

  • Support at every stage of a project
  • System flexibility to suit your particular needs
  • Partnership approach ensures you get the right system
  • Liaison with other professionals for seamless service
  • Ongoing support, certification, inspections

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How much will it cost?

A wide range of factors go into specifying and costing a tension wire grid project, so firm costs can only be arrived at with detailed specification. That said, we understand the need to get an idea of budget so we’ve created a quick and easy tool to give you a ballpark figure for your project.

Open cost estimator

Cablenet tension wire grid retrofit

How can we help?

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