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Following are the most commonly asked questions relating to the design, installation and use of Cablenet tension wire grids. If your query isn’t answered here, please contact Slingco for more information.

The Cablenet 'virtual floor®' - a high level access platform woven from steel wire rope - has had a major impact on auditoria design, not only in theatres and other dedicated performance centres such as multi-purpose venues and arts centres but even in school buildings and external applications. Instead of having to incorporate fixed position walkway structures or scaffold towers to provide overhead access to lighting and rigging equipment, architects and theatre consultants can now install an all-encompassing Cablenet tensioned wire grid, one capable of covering a complete theatre, even a whole exhibition hall.

These permanent, high-level platforms are virtually invisible from ground level and cast no shadow from lighting rigs positioned above. Most important of all, a Cablenet virtual floor® is strong enough to carry the weight of sound and lighting engineers, and provide the perfect platform for riggers to rig through.

Our standard loadings are:

  • Typical dead load 5.5kN per hanger
  • Typical live load (Imposed load) 10kN per hanger
  • Typical point Load = 250kg over 1m x 1m footprint (indicative of 2 persons, each 90kg, carrying 25kg and stood adjacent + allowance).
  • Typical distributed load = 450kg (4 persons)

We do not quote loading per sq/m or sq/ft (this is more in common with walkway loadings).

We can develop solutions for almost any requirement, from supporting just two lighting technicians to eight riggers carrying a hoist each. Please talk to us about your specific requirements.

It depends on the capacity requirements – but typically around 25-30kg per sq m. There are a few variables, e.g. the number of handrails, number of hanger bars / boxes etc.

  • A typical 20m x 20m LongWire system without handrails is approx. 10,000kg.
  • A typical 20m x 20m LongWire system with handrails is approx. 12,500kg.

The Cablenet frame contains all the tension forces developed. On a typical grid, supported from hanger bars, the lateral loadings are contained within the peripheral frame structure.

The steel is generally S275 Standard Structural Steel for the frames. The wire specification for both the galvanised black and bright galvanised wire rope is BS EN 12385.

Because a Cablenet is customised to suit your needs, we can increase the static tension to adjust the deflection. The pay-off is the increase in the frame size, and relative cost. To provide some indication, we normally work to specs that specify:

  • LongWire - The deflection of the tension wire walking surface under maximum load shall not exceed 100mm.
  • Modular - The deflection of the tension wire walking surface under maximum load shall not exceed 50mm.

We have a huge variety. From 25m x 25m with no compression members. This is possible when there is a peripheral walkway that can form a truss to support the lateral forces. Where they have to be contained within the frame 6m max and typically:

  • LongWire - Typical maximum 3m x 3m spacings.
  • Modular - Typical maximum 1.5m x 1.5m spacings.

Best practice is 3m in each direction, but can be increased.

LongWire is 25m x 25m.

Depends on the installation, but we can usually give a ballpark figure very quickly. Please contact us to discuss.

The overall size of the space it covers can be limitless, and would be built up of frames of up to 25x25m, or very often transportable sizes, for cost efficiency.

Both the LongWire and Modular systems cast no shadow from stage lights.

Our standard design is based on clamping the hanger boxes to the building steelwork directly above the tension wire grid. All lateral loadings would be contained within the peripheral frame structure using this method.



LongWire Option 1 - Component parts are delivered to site and assembled on the theatre floor. The finished assembly is then lifted to final fix level.

LongWire Option 2 - Component parts are delivered to site and assembled in situ.

Modular – Can be delivered to site fully assembled or as component parts to be assembled in situ.

Standard colour is matt black RAL 9005, all other RAL colours are available.

Yes, they can remove completely, rotate, or hinge.

All shapes can be considered. See the case studies for the huge array of shapes accommodated.

Assuming regular inspections and maintenance is carried out then there is no limit on the life span.

Depends on the contract terms, collateral warranties of 12 years can be provided.

  • We can install both LongWire and Modular.
  • LongWire can be installed by others under Slingco supervision.
  • Modular pre-assembled can be installed by others.
  • Modular assembled on site can be installed by others under Slingco supervision.

Yes, we have previously installed systems with walkways and ramps for wheelchair access. The end user has boarded out a path/area when required for wheelchairs. The boards also have guides along each side to contain the wheelchair safely.

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